1: How do I know what size Fetlock ID band will fit my horse?
The Fetlock ID bands come in 3 sizes (Small, Standard, XL) each size is made to fit the following: Small 7” will fit, foals, mini’s, ponies, yearlings. This band will downsize to about 6” and up to 7.5” Standard 10” will fit, large ponies, Quarter Horses/paints/Arabians, any medium size “stand” breed. This band will size down to about 9” and upsize to about 11” XL size 14” will fit drafts, draft crosses such as Belgian, Clydesdale, Percheron etc., any larger horse. This band will size down to about 13” and upsize to about 15”

2. How and where do I measure to fit a Fetlock ID band?
These bands can be worn loosely around the pastern or above the fetlock joint on the cannon bone. Be sure when measuring that you put two fingers against the horse & measure around the bone and your fingers. This will give you a good measurement and allows you to fit the band properly. You want the Fetlock ID Band to fit loosely like a bracelet or watch band.

3. How long should I expect the Fetlock ID band to last?
In our research and having horses who trail ride frequently we have found that the band should wear normally for about 18 – 24 months before needing to be replaced, if worn 24 hours a day; 7 days a week.

4. Does the embroidery fade?
No, not that we have found; the initial color of the Fetlock ID band will fade, however the embroidered numbers do not appear to do so.

5. Can the Fetlock ID Band break if my horse gets stuck on a fence or other debris?
The Fetlock ID Band is designed to release with approx. 32 pounds of pull strength, thus being able to release if a horse gets it tangled in debris.

6. How do I wash the Fetlock ID Band?
If you leave it on your horse, you can spray it with a hose or wash it when washing your horse. You can also remove it, wash it with mild soap and water and hang dry. DO NOT put it in a dryer, it will shrink because it is made of nylon webbing.

7. Do you warranty this product?
Yes, we have a manufacturer’s warranty only on the workmanship of each of our products for 60 days. If in 60 days, the stitching of either the embroidery or the stitching attaching either section of hook and loop creates a defect in the product, we will repair or replace the product at our expense.

8. When should I use the Fetlock ID Band?
We recommend that the Fetlock ID band be worn 24/7, so that if your horse is moved during an emergency when you are not home, there is some form of ID on your horse. Also for instance if you are riding and have an unscheduled dismount and your horse runs off, then whomever may locate your horse can contact you immediately instead of animal control or the sheriff’s office.

9. Will the Fetlock ID band cause harm to my horses’ pastern, such as ulcers, swelling etc.?
If fit properly and worn according to our instructions, we have found that the only thing the Fetlock ID Band does is cause the hair to lie down. No abrasions, swelling, ulcers of any type (that we have been made aware of) has been cause if worn properly.

10. What information or phone number should I put on the Fetlock ID Band?
We recommend that the number should be your cell phone, because in the case of an emergency or evacuation, you will/ may not be available at your home number to answer. Also if you are out of town and do not receive your messages until you return home, this could be a problem.

11. How much information and what type of information can go on the Fetlock ID Band?
Because of the size of each band, we can only embroider 11 characters. This means your phone number only or “Microchipped”, “Special Meds”, “No Alfalfa” things such as this.

12. Can my horse wear more than one Fetlock ID Band?
Yes of course, your horse has four legs doesn’t it?

13. What happens if I change my phone number?
You purchase a new Fetlock ID Band with correct information.

14. What types of uses can I use the Fetlock ID band for?
The Fetlock ID band was designed to provide immediate identification when traveling/transporting, camping, hunting, trail riding, endurance riding and emergencies/evacuations, foal and mare identification.

Horse ID Collars – all styles:

1. How do I measure and where do I measure on my horse for the Horse ID Collars?
You measure around your horses neck from the pole to the throat latch and slide you hand against your horses neck so as not to choke him. The measurement should be tight enough so that if your horse puts his head down the collar does not slide over his ears, yet not so tight that it will choke him.

2. What sizes do the Horse ID Collars come in?
Small 25” which fit, yearling, minis, most ponies and small breeds; this collar will downsize to approximately 23” and upsize to approximately 26.5”. Standard 35” which fit most standard size horses, Quarter horse/ Paints/Arabians etc.; this collar will downsize to approximately 33” and upsize to approx. 36.5”. XL 42” which fit most larger breeds and most draft size horses, Belgian, Clydesdale, Percheron etc.; this collar will downsize to approximately 40” and upsize to approximately 43.5”

3. What type of information to I put in or on the Horse ID Collar?
You will want to put your name and cell phone number on any embroidered ID Collar so that you can be contacted. With the plastic sleeve collars, you can put just about anything you like, name, address, cell phone number(s), feeding instructions, address, veterinarians name and phone number, special medications and more.

4. How do I apply my information on the plastic insert? Use either a permanent marker, label maker or print a piece of paper and slip the insert back into the plastic sleeve. We have found also that you can take a larger piece of paper with more information, fold it up and insert it into the pocket as well.

5. How do I change the information with the “plastic” insert collars?
Easy enough, you can take acetone (nail polish remover), wipe the insert clean and then reapply new information using a permanent marker.

6. How do I clean the plastic sleeve on the outside?
Take warm water, mild soap and a small amount of vinegar and gently clean the plastic sleeve.

7. When and what do I use a Horse ID collar?
You can use the horse ID collar for several applications, such as traveling/ transporting, brood mare identification, trail riding, camping, hunting, pack trips, flying etc. If you are in an evacuation situation and you are turning your horse loose, be sure to put the collar on before this happens. However if you are rushing to transport animals to an evacuation location, wait and put the collar(s) on the horses once you have arrived at the location and unload the animals.

8. What information can I embroider more information the Horse ID Collar?
Your cell phone number for sure should be on the Horse ID Collar; however there is enough room that you can also put your last name and horses name if you do not exceed 24 characters in all. You can also embroider instead of your phone number, “Check for microchip”, “special meds needed”, “no alfalfa”. Again if the characters you choose with your phone number do not exceed 24 characters these additional phrases can be embroidered for an additional charge to the Horse ID Collar.

9. What if I move and change information with an embroidered Horse ID Collar, how can I change the information?
You will need to order a new collar with new information.

10. Can the Horse ID Collars be worn 24/7?
Initially we did not recommend this, however broodmares do wear hard plastic collars and ours are designed with approximately 100lbs of pull away pressure. This makes them relatively safe for pasture use situations. We, however, will take no liability if your horse does get hurt while wearing a collar full time.

11. Can I wash the Horse ID Collar?
Yes, they can be washed with mild soap and water and drip dry. DO NOT put them in a dryer, they will shrink and the plastic may melt.

12. What happens if my horse gets the Horse ID collar hung up on something?
We have tested the Horse ID collars for the strength of the hook and loop and have found that they will release from the neck at a safe pullback ratio as to not cause severe injury to your horse. Keep in mind that horses break away from snaps, locks, and lead and these collars will release with much less pull back than these other metal items.

13. Do you warranty this product?
Yes, we have a manufacturer’s warranty only on the workmanship of each of our products for 60 days. If in 60 days, the stitching of either the embroidery or the stitching attaching either section of hook and loop creates a defect in the product, we will repair or replace the product at our expense.

14.What type of uses can I use the Horse ID Collar for?
The Horse ID Collar was designed originally as an evacuation collar to be used ONLY during the times of emergencies and evacuations. However, it is also very useful for camping, hunting, broodmare and foal identification, endurance riding, trail riding, traveling/flying and transporting along with many more uses.

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