My neighbor's horse took off without her. Had it been wearing a fetlock band, the people who found it would have know exactly how to return it. Instead it took a week of searching. I now use my fetlock ID band every time I am on trail whether near my home or not.

Kimberly Dwight, President of Equestrian Trails Corral 138, Palmdale, CA

I have been using temporary ID bands for my horses because I live in an area prone to fires. The problem was that they need to be replaced every 2 weeks. I now ONLY use the Fetlock ID bands on my horses 24/7. I won’t allow any of my horses leave my property without at least one Fetlock ID band. I even put a Fetlock ID band on each of my foals within 24 hrs of them being born. I also recently gelded my stallion and forgot about that the Fetlock ID band was on his leg, after all the bleeding, washing, etc. the next day I removed the band and with a little soap, water and vinegar it was back to looking brand new. I highly recommend that everybody get these for peace of mind.

Wendie Hazlett, Curly Bashkir Breeder, Acton, CA

I wanted an identification piece so that in the event my horse and I became separated on the trail we would be able to with one another again. I put the fetlock ID band on my horse anytime we go on a trail.

Katie H., Anaheim, CA

During the summer heat wave several years ago in Southern California, there were sudden fires in the out-lying areas near the stable where I board my horse. Horses from other areas were brought into various stables near us for safety. We were not threatened, but those other areas needed to act quickly, so people with trailers were bring horses in and placing them wherever they could. This created considerable confusion and for some owners it took considerable effort to get the right horse back to the right owner. I don’t ever want that to happen to my “guy”! That’s why I purchased the Fetlock ID Band for our own peace of mind if this should ever happen in our area.

P. Murdock, Anaheim, CA

I was motivated to purchase the Fetlock ID Band because of a fire in San Diego and working the triage. I will use it in conjunction with my microchip in my horses.

Laura P. Santa Rosa, CA

I bought the fetlock band for peace of mind. I drive the Southern California freeways and my horse trailer seems to be a magnet for inattentive drivers. In case of an accident, the Fetlock ID band is a valuable way to notify first responders of a person who can retrieve and care for my horse in my absence. Additionally, I recently moved my horse to another boarding facility and trail ride more frequently. I am confident that if my horse and I got separated or 1 of us got hurt, that because of the phone number on the Fetlock ID band anyone from up to 10 feet away (even a non-horse person) can safely call someone for help for me and/or call someone to come and get my horse. What convinced me to buy one was when I saw the owners Fetlock ID band that had been on her horse for over 6 months out in the pasture – that sold me on the durability. The peace of mind the Fetlock ID band gives me is incredible.

Sharon O, Ontario, CA

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