Equine Rescue Airway Kit


For use due to nasal swelling caused by snake bites or allergic reactions, which cause the nasal passages to swell and prevent your equine from breathing. These are combination packs of our standard rescue airway tubes. Three different selections of sizes are available to address the different sizes of horses, ponies, mules, and miniatures in a barn or personal residence setting. Easy to have on hand, these tubes will sustain the airway opening in your animal as swelling occurs due to allergic or traumatic swelling of the nasal passages. Horses cannot breath through their mouth and require an open nasal passageway to prevent suffocation.

Equines are obligate nose breathers - they cannot breath through their mouth. This makes facial and nose swelling a life-threatening emergency due to the possibility of suffocation if the soft tissues of the nasal passages swell.

Each kit includes:
Product instructions
Airway tubes (one for each nostril)
3 1/2 oz lubricant packets

Sizes available:
Extra Large: Large Warmblood/Draft Horse
Large Horse: Standard 1000 lb Horse
Small Horse/Pony
Small Pony

(PLEASE make a note when checking out on the size you need - all sizes are the same price)

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